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Letting Volks Have Fun

June 24th, 2010

DDB, Stockholm turned out some brilliant ideas in this ambient marketing campaign for Volkswagen. Ambient marketing is the most common sub-category of guerrilla marketing in which the company doesn’t advertise their product, but instead communicates directly with consumers in a way that connects them to the message they are attempting to convey. In this case, Volkswagen says these ideas are “dedicated to everyone who enjoys speeding life up a little”. Accordingly, all three videos show Volkswagen giving people the option to speed up a normal routine.

At the end of each video you see that the Fast Lane is “Driven By Fun”, this is a smooth transition from their “Fun Theory” of last year which recently won Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, a campaign that was also done by DDB, Stockholm.

There are two issues I have with this campaign…

  1. The lack of brand images on location. As far as I could tell, there is no Volkswagen image visible during any of the campaign stunts. It’s crazy enough they were allowed to perform these acts, but maybe they aren’t allowed to “advertise” their name. For those who actually got to experience “speeding life up a little”, who are they to give credit to and connect with? This leads me to believe that the main focus was to create viral videos. While that will likely be seen as a success, I still think they missed out on really connecting directly with consumers (I’m also just going by what the videos show, there could be more we’re not shown).
  2. The videos aim to drive traffic to Volkswagen’s Facebook fan page; they ask viewers what they are driven by in order to gain continued interaction. However, there is no discussion tab on the page for people to discuss this. Sure everyone can post on the wall, but wouldn’t it be more effective if they had one discussion topic dedicated to what drives people? Now when people arrive at the fan page there is no direction on where to answer the question, so they likely won’t. Volkswagen is missing out on making this campaign come full circle and learning more about their consumers.

What video was your favorite? What daily routine do you wish you could speed up?

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Inbound Marketing University – Assignment #5

May 26th, 2010

The fifth class at IMU was taught by David Meerman Scott who is a marketing strategist, as well as the author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and World Wide Rave. In this class he discussed tips for creating viral ideas and how to make them spread on their own.

Assignment #5: Come up with a remarkable idea. How would you launch that idea to create a world wide rave around your business?

First of all, this is the most thought-provoking homework assignment yet, thanks David. I’m also a little reluctant to share any remarkable ideas with the world in fear of someone stealing it or me not being ready to back it. However, as your course said – lose control.

I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I don’t think there is any mainstream form of it. You know when you’re in the dentist’s chair with your mouth wide open and it’s loaded with cotton rolls and scary looking utensils? You know how your dentist expects you to answer questions while in this state? I’m sure these tooth professionals understand why we cannot answer questions that require more than a yes or no shake of the head, but wouldn’t they benefit from easy communication?

Take a look at the typical dentist’s chair:
Dentist Chair

Now add this:
Dry Erase Board and Marker

Now we have a way for patients with a mouth full to communicate. Dry erase marker boards are very cheap, and will easily hook on to the left side of the chair for easy access. Even better, you can doodle to try to pass the time or distract yourself from the pain. Dentists can write a pain scale from 1-10 on the board and have the patient circle the number of their choice, or point to it, at any time. This of course will become obsolete when we have mind-reading machines that verbalize our thoughts; but we aren’t there yet.

Here are the steps to turning this into a world wide rave:

  • Create a comedic video of the marker board in use – show examples of dentists asking unanswerable questions, then show how the marker board comes in handy, but use funny questions that would never be asked and use over-exaggerated facial expressions/sound effects. Also show patients doodling or playing tic-tac-toe. Upload video to YouTube.
  • Seek out the most influential (far-reaching) dentist bloggers. A Google Search brings up plenty of opportunities. Send them a short, informational e-mail including a link to the video.
  • Do the same as above for Twitter.
  • Send sample marker boards with introductory letters to famous/popular dentists around the country (U.S.).
  • Then see what happens!
  • Again, this idea may have been mentioned by someone else at some point in time, but I couldn’t find anything related. Either way, this brought a couple more dentist ideas into my head!

    Next class: Advanced SEO Tactics

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