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Letting Volks Have Fun

June 24th, 2010

DDB, Stockholm turned out some brilliant ideas in this ambient marketing campaign for Volkswagen. Ambient marketing is the most common sub-category of guerrilla marketing in which the company doesn’t advertise their product, but instead communicates directly with consumers in a way that connects them to the message they are attempting to convey. In this case, Volkswagen says these ideas are “dedicated to everyone who enjoys speeding life up a little”. Accordingly, all three videos show Volkswagen giving people the option to speed up a normal routine.

At the end of each video you see that the Fast Lane is “Driven By Fun”, this is a smooth transition from their “Fun Theory” of last year which recently won Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, a campaign that was also done by DDB, Stockholm.

There are two issues I have with this campaign…

  1. The lack of brand images on location. As far as I could tell, there is no Volkswagen image visible during any of the campaign stunts. It’s crazy enough they were allowed to perform these acts, but maybe they aren’t allowed to “advertise” their name. For those who actually got to experience “speeding life up a little”, who are they to give credit to and connect with? This leads me to believe that the main focus was to create viral videos. While that will likely be seen as a success, I still think they missed out on really connecting directly with consumers (I’m also just going by what the videos show, there could be more we’re not shown).
  2. The videos aim to drive traffic to Volkswagen’s Facebook fan page; they ask viewers what they are driven by in order to gain continued interaction. However, there is no discussion tab on the page for people to discuss this. Sure everyone can post on the wall, but wouldn’t it be more effective if they had one discussion topic dedicated to what drives people? Now when people arrive at the fan page there is no direction on where to answer the question, so they likely won’t. Volkswagen is missing out on making this campaign come full circle and learning more about their consumers.

What video was your favorite? What daily routine do you wish you could speed up?

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Milky Way Doing it the Right Way

June 8th, 2010

Ambient marketing, or place-based marketing, can be very effective as it gets the company or product message right into the target markets environment; usually by creative means.

Here is what I consider a fine example from Milky Way.

Milky Way Movie theater line barrier

Courtesy of

Milky Way Seatbelt

Courtesy of

Milky Way Conveyor Belt
Check out the conveyor belt in action.

These were all done by BBDO New York, USA.

All three of these beat out the other two in at least one way:

Movie theater: Best location. What does everyone in the movie theater line buy, or at least look at? Candy! The delicious, caramel filling of a Milky Way is on their mind before the purchase.

Taxi cab: Longest potential interaction. I say potential because many New York taxi passengers may be in and out of the car very quickly without wearing the seatbelt. However, those who do value their lives will physically touch the “Milky Way” and be exposed to it for as long as their ride lasts.

Conveyor belt: Most captivating and engaging due to its movement.

My favorite is the conveyor belt; I think attention is more easily grasped by movement. Which is your favorite? Which do you think is more effective? Do you have any ambient marketing examples? Please share.

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Not Your Typical BillBored

June 8th, 2010

Despite the growth of mobile and web advertising, traditional methods such as billboards are still being used. Billboards are great because of their location and reach, but how many of them have just become the same old, boring advertisement? They have become billboreds! If companies aren’t trying to be creative or interesting in their approach to billboard advertising nowadays, their effectiveness is low.

In comes the Ford Motor Company advertising their 2010 Mustang.

Ford Mustang Burnout Billboard

Courtesy of

The text on the bottom right reads:

This billboard was showcased in Detroit, MI at the Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event. A smoke machine was installed behind the board, and every few minutes the rear wheel would spin, spewing smoke for the ultimate one-minute burnout.”

Not only does this billboard hit a lot of eyes, but it hits a lot of specific eyes, eyes that LOVE cars.

Additionally, the ad agency, Team Detroit, brought this traditional advertising method to a new level. Sure it’s not the first time someone got creative with a billboard, far from it, but they definitely did something interesting. Therein lies the point; interesting ads of any form have greater success in capturing attention because they are different. Differentiation leads to increased memory of the ad and increased word of mouth.

As great as this is, it could have been better. Of those who have commented on this at, a few have mentioned that the smoke is just not enough. They needed to include sound! How much better would this have been if not only did everyone see the smoke from the burnout, but got to hear the deep, powerful sound of 315 horsepower V-8 engine. It’s not a secret that one of the attractive features of a Ford Mustang is its beastly roar. I have never witnessed a sound-emitting billboard, but this would have been a good one.

Another way to grasp people’s attention and hold onto it by latching into their memory is through the sense of smell. Would it have been possible, or too much, to expel the scent of burning rubber along with the smoke?

Despite not reaching potential, this was still an exceptional billboard. What do you think?

Update on June 8th: Here is a video of the billboard in action!

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AutoDesk’s Powerful Campaign

March 15th, 2010

I wanted to share with all of you what a great ad series looks like. These ads were done by an agency that goes by the name of Script and it is for AutoDesk’s AutoCAD Civil 3D program. If you are unfamiliar with AutoDesk, they have quite a few neat products that revolve around 2d and 3d design, animation, prototyping, and modeling. The Civil 3D program is mainly for the use of civil engineers in constructing simulated designs of various types of projects – basically a 3D model of whatever they want to build. Now take a look at the following three ads and tell me what you think. Photos are courtesy of Ads of the World (click to enlarge).

What’s so great about this campaign? A few things – - it’s simple, the visual is astounding and is straight from the program being promoted, and the copy matches the visual to perfection.

“Visit places that still don’t exist” – - This is one of those simple “DUH!” lines that just works and appears as if it was probably very easy to come up with. No matter the difficulty, when the copy and the visual are in such harmony, you can’t debate it. What’s important to think about is the impression these ads have on individuals who are civil engineers or would use this program; more than likely very effective.

I’m not going to go into any further discussion; I just wanted to give this some recognition.

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Not A Cheesy Ad

January 20th, 2010

I came across this video earlier today, I forgot how, and thought it was great, give it a watch:


Kudos to John Nolan for his creativity in this piece.

Imagine if this were a real TV ad for some brand of cheese, and shortened a little in order to fit a proper commercial slot. Would you enjoy it and tell your friends? Would you remember the brand of cheese being advertised? Would you at the very least remember this pumped up little mouse? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, then that commercial would be considered a success.

I think it’s very memorable and powerful because it actually brings you through a set of emotions. I’ve included the steps for what I believe would be two general reactions:

1. Aw how cute that little mousy is getting some cheese
1a. Ah I hate mice! I hope that mouse trap destroys him!

2. *Snap* Oh no! Poor little guy! :(
2a. *Snap* Haha, he had it coming! Stupid mouse.

3. *Music* YES! YES! That mouse is the man !!
3a. *Music* What the ?! Crazy mouse better not come to my house.

It’s just a winning video on multiple levels with the music choice, emotional attachment, humor, and clever transfer of strong cheese to a beefy mouse.

What do you think?

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Mr. Clever

October 27th, 2009

Every now and then you may come across an advertisement that just sticks. Thanks to the web we are granted the ability to see many that we have never crossed paths with. I just wanted to share one of my favorites with you:


Courtesy of

We all know who Mr. Clean is so there is no need for words, all that’s needed is the very recognizable Mr. Clean himself! This is a great demonstration of cleverly portraying the brand and what it is known for in a unique, high-traffic area. I’m not 100% sure this is real, though, because if companies could advertise on the streets like this we would see a lot more of it.

Either way, imagine walking across the street and seeing this, how could you forget it? With the possibility that the picture itself was used as an advertisement (billboard or posters), and not actually done on a public road, it’s still quite memorable.

Good job freaky bald guy.

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