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Why be Mayor if You Aren’t Treated Like One?

November 18th, 2010

Black Friday: A day where manners, good citizenship, and personal hygiene all take a backseat to the overwhelming desire of the masses to save a few bucks.

I shopped on Black Friday of 2007 and was first in line at the local Target. I arrived 3 hours before the stored opened, 3:00 am, and while I wasn’t the first maniac to arrive, I was the first to exit my car and start a line. Why? Because now I can say I was first in line at Target on Black Friday once.

Whether it’s the economy or the current trend of retailers spreading out deals throughout the year, the deals don’t seem as great as they used to; maybe it’s just me. foursquare mayors.foursquare logo Regardless, this day of Holiday shopping and line ninjas is a perfect opportunity for the big brands to reward their loyal ambassadors. Many businesses have become active in the realm of social media realm and have taken part in rewarding their. However, I haven’t caught wind of any “mayor specials” from any of the big retailers.

New Balance South Florida is just one example of a company understanding location-based marketing. They are taking it a step further this Nov. 26th by changing Black Friday into foursquare Friday; basically a social meetup that entails raffles, New Balance ‘schwag’, and an actual game of foursquare. This is a brilliant idea as it engages their customer base at an off-site location and rewards them while carrying out activities related to their business.

I want something more though! I want to see a flat out DEAL for at least one lucky foursquare mayor. How about we just throw some ideas out here for our mayors:

  • A $100 gift card
  • 30% discount off entire purchase
  • Become first in line upon arrival; don’t have to wait in line for X amount of hours
  • Get the Black Friday discount a week early
  • A Black Friday survival kit (pillow, blanket, candy, energy drink, store map, etc.)

These ideas can be extended as well – reward your top 3 visitors, or direct a promotion to anyone who checks-in to your store that day in the wee hours of the morning. The point is: Smarten up and reward your brand ambassadors – this social engagement will deepen current loyalty and breed more loyalists.

What do you think? As a foursquare mayor, what kind of Black Friday deal or VIP treatment would you like to receive?

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