Mock Branding

June 23rd, 2010

In an effort to expand on my knowledge and skills while building my portfolio, I am asking for your help!

What I will be doing is taking your ideas and bringing them to life! Basically, I will attempt to create the brand image and personality of a specific company, product, or service. The extent to which I go in the actual branding will vary, but each one may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Company mission statement or vision
  • Logo
  • Tagline/Slogan
  • Promotional products
  • Promotional events
  • Marketing tactics with goals
  • Target market(s)
  • Product/service qualities and specifications

All you need to do is present an idea, or as many as you’d like, and I’ll do the rest of the work! Your ideas can range from basic to complicated.

Basic idea examples:

An ice cream parlor.

A new alcoholic beverage.

Complicated idea example:

Chilly’s Ice Cream Parlor, specializing in kids birthday parties, only found in Florida.

A new alcoholic beverage put out by Bacardi that seeks to target hard-working, business professionals.

Just leave a comment below and we can get started. I’m looking forward to making a reality out of your ideas!

  1. Val
    June 23rd, 2010 at 13:05 | #1

    Since you’re making me post here, and I’m going to be at the front of the line anyways… BRAND ME :)

  2. June 23rd, 2010 at 13:44 | #2


    I run and would love to talk to you about if you could help us…we’re logoless right now but have a bit of a brand you could play around with. Shoot me an email at jason[at]greenhornconnect[dot]com if you’re interested.


  3. June 23rd, 2010 at 14:22 | #3


    I’m a junior at Olin College working on a startup called Editingg. Right now, we’re a professional home photo editing service and we just launched our website. It would be great to talk to you about some of the things that you could do to get some traffic to our site.


  4. June 29th, 2010 at 10:23 | #4

    @Chris Gallello
    Hey Chris, is there an e-mail I can reach you with directly so I can ask you some questions?


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